Recent Buys #1

August 23, 2010

I bought new toys!  I was so very excited.  We had an apple corer that about killed my hands and probably could have seriously injured someone, so I threw it away.  That was my inspiration to buy the following items.  I grabbed the apple corer, then I saw the cheese grater…  We do not have a very good cheese grater, so I decided I needed one.  🙂  And I have been wanting a garlic press for quite some time.  I have only used the apple corer so far and it works so much better than the old one!

At the end of last week, I went with my mother to a store so she could spend her gift card money there and it turns out it is not open on Sundays.  Since we were already there, we decided to go into the store next door called S Scents.   This was a pretty awesome store.  A lot of homemade perfumes and earth-friendly items.  I happen to come across these awesome crystals.  It’s a deodorant that does not contain aluminum, chlorohydrate, fragrance or paraben.  It is also hypoallergenic.’s supposed to keep you from sweating, smelling, and your shirts from turning yellow.

I used it for a week and it seemed to work very well!  …until Saturday when I was stressing about my audition and I was stuck at the school from 9:30am till 5pm.  Didn’t work so well that day!  Haha.

LOOK WHAT I FOUND!  Okay, so I don’t usually buy things from William Sonoma because they are pretty expensive, but somehow I got on their e-mailing list.  I usually just delete the e-mails, but this one had “Star Wars” in the title and I had to see what it was.  And to my surprise…

STAR WARS COOKIE CUTTERS!!  I just HAD to get them!  I mean…who has Star Wars cookie cutters?!  Rachel does!  That’s who!  I have not yet used them, or you would have seen it by now.  But I am so very excited to use them!

Until my next recent buys…Adieu!


2 Responses to “Recent Buys #1”

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said

    My mom has tried that same crystal deod, though I don’t remember what she thought of it.

    Haha, I love your excitement over the cookie cutters!

    Yes to Nica’s Café soon! I’m not sure when, yet, but we will figure something out ASAP.

    • You’ll have to ask her again what she thought of it. I stopped using it since that one day it didn’t help much. Smelling bad is something I don’t really want to risk. 🙂
      My cookie cutters are AWESOME!
      And we will figure something out. My schedule has been jam packed since before school even started. I keep waiting for a day when I don’t have to think about anything, but I’m not sure I will have one of those anytime soon. I feel that my weekends may not even exist. 😦

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