Pumpkin Spice Coffee

October 18, 2010

It is yet again another Monday morning and I don’t feel quite as ready for this week as I had hoped.  It was a busy weekend and as I did have a LOT of fun, I wish I could have had one more day.  I start my Monday mornings at my Elementary school, so I no longer have Monday mornings to try to keep up with studying for the week.  But it is a GREAT way to start my week.  🙂  I was in the mood for a Pumpkin Spice Latte today, but did not feel like running to Scooters to get one and I really don’t have the money to be spending either.  I decided to try making my own.  It turned out SO well that I had to post it with the few extra minutes I have this morning!

I started by making myself a cup of expresso coffee.  While that was brewing, I filled my coffee cup up half way with vanilla soymilk.  I added a couple dashes of nutmeg, a couple dashes of cinnamon, and a dash of pumpkin spice to my milk and stirred.  (The cinnamon may try to sit on top of your milk, but that is okay.)  Then I added my cup of coffee (or as much as I could fit in my cup) to my milk and stirred once again.  I added two packets of splenda and “Ta-da!”  It is delicious!  It’s not quite as steaming hot as you would get at a coffee shop, but it is still delicious and great if you are in a hurry and do not have a lot of money!


Happy Monday!


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