Snowy Days

January 22, 2011

What a way to start the Spring semester!  The first day of school was a snow day (well, they did not shut the campus down until 1pm, but I was not risking my life to drive down for 1 class), the following Tuesday was a snow day for my cooperating school, there was no school last Monday because of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, and we had another snow storm on Wednesday evening, causing my cooperating school to be closed on Thursday.  I only go to my cooperating school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I’ve only been twice in two weeks.  I also have a Monday night class that I have not yet had because of inclement weather and holidays.  And about that drive home from school on Wednesday!  Oh my lordy!  I have never been so terrified driving!  I made the mistake to take Holmes Road (a VERY hilly road) home and my little Honda Civic did not like going up hills.  I got stuck on one hill in particular and it took me about 5-10 minutes to get up it, sliding to the right most of the time.  But I enjoyed having the time off the following day because I already had quite a few things to catch up on.

I am really enjoying my semester so far.  I’ve actually had some time to spend with friends at school, which has been nice.  I guess the semester hasn’t really “started” yet.  My first full week of school won’t be until the first week of February.  I go to Tan-tar-a next Thursday for a couple days for the Missouri Music Educators Association Conference.  I’m really looking forward to it.  It is always fun and I always meet new people.

I watched this great movie with my sister last night called Scott Pilgrim.  I definitely recommend it (not for children under 13, though).  If you play (or played in the past) video games or have dated someone who was in a band, I think you can relate to this movie.  It’s in my top list of movies!

My entire reason for this post was to tell you about a wonderful little French restaurant I have recently been to.  The restaurant is called Aixois and it is located in Brookside (55th and Brookside).  I have not eaten there yet (I hear it’s a little pricey), but I have had a delicious Chai Tea Latte with a shot of Expresso.

It was AMAZING.  I heard about it from my good friend, Beth.  So when Jessica and I met at Aixois before rehearsal at the church across the street, we had to try the drink that Beth told us about.  As you can see, I has a few sips before I took the picture.  It was so good!  This seems to be a meeting place for Beth, Jessica, and I before our Friday rehearsals, so I will inform you of anything else I have at Aixois.  🙂  (By the way, the service is wonderful, also – always greeted with a smile and “Bonjour!”)  I must also mention the quaint little area where Aixois is located.  There is a tiny strip of shops that I have always wanted to venture to, but I still have yet to do so.  One of these Fridays I will jump into a couple of them!

Au revoir!


One Response to “Snowy Days”

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said

    Aixois is where Matt took me last Valentine’s Day: 🙂

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