Green Bay Packers to the Superbowl!

January 24, 2011

That’s right!  My awesome Packers are going to the Superbowl!

I’m so excited!  The game last night was close, but we did it!  We will be playing the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, February 5th.  It’s going to be an interesting, yet good game.  Tyler’s second favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers (behind the Denver Broncos), so we will be “biting teeth” together.  My sister has even offered to have a Superbowl party at her house!  Do you sense new recipes in your future…?  Because you should!

The win last night made for a happy Monday, however, I’ve fallen out of my routine just a bit.  I decided to sleep in last Friday instead of hitting the gym and now I’m just ALL SORTS of out-of-wack!

So even though I did not get to the gym this morning, I packed myself a healthy, tasteful lunch and dinner.  Mondays are actually going to be my long days – usually at the gym by 5:30am; Conducting class from 10am-11am, followed by a break until 1pm, when I meet with my accompanist for 30 minutes; a 30 minute break before choir from 2pm-3:30pm; an hour break for dinner before my last class of the day, Education of the Exceptional Child from 4:30pm-7:15pm.

Well…everything except for the cat went into my backpack.  Although, she wishes she did!

This is what really goes into my backpack.

It’s a bit of a “back-breaker” day, but I manage.  🙂

Today I put together my usual weekday lunch, yogurt and a small baggie of smoked turkey.

But for dinner, I wanted something new.  I prepared a delightful salad for dinner.  I tore up some fresh, cleaned spinach and put it in a Tupperware container.  I then put about 6 spoonfuls of drained, rinsed black beans on top, along with about 4 spoonfuls of strained canned corn (I know, I know…frozen veggies are always better, but time was not on my side this morning).

I topped the beans and corn with 3 shakes of garlic salt, 3 shakes of onion powder, and 4 shakes of black pepper.  I put one more layer or spinach leaves on top…

…put the lid on the container, and gave it a shake!

YUM!  It was hard not to eat it for lunch instead of dinner.

This week will be interesting as I will be heading out to Tan-tar-a on Thursday morning for the Missouri Music Educators Association (MMEA) Convention.  I will keep you posted on delicious treats I plan to take with me as well as post pictures from Tan-tar-a!


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