MMEA Conference at Tan-Tar-a 2011

January 30, 2011

I had an amazing couple of days at the Missouri Music Educators Association Conference at Tan-tar-a Resort in Osage Beach.  This was my third year attending the conference and I always have a blast.  It is a great opportunity to meet wonderful people in your field and to learn and share ideas and thoughts.  I stayed in a huge room with three wonderful friends of mine; Katie, Beth, and Hallie.  As soon as we arrived late Thursday morning, we were going non-stop until we left Saturday morning.  There were so many wonderful sessions to attend, as well as concerts.  If I had to pick just one session to be my favorite, I would have to say it was Christy Elsner’s reading session “Eat Your Veggies!:  Repertoire and Rehearsing to feed the brain and nourish the heart!”  Christy Elsner is the director of the Allegro Community Children’s Choir in Olathe, Kansas.  I had seen her present once before at school.  She is just an amazing women with great spirit!  I learned some great warm-up activities from her and received free choral music.  She is well-organized and gave me some great ideas on how to go about organizing my own choral library.

I bet you are waiting for me to get on about food.  🙂  We went to two wonderful restaurants; Domenico’s Italian Restaurant, and El Jimador Mexican Restaurant.  The were both spectacular!

On Thursday evening, Jessica, Hallie, Katie, Beth and I went to Domenico’s.  There was a wait, of course, because of all the MMEA attendees.  😉  When we were finally seated, we were served some amazing dinner rolls.  They went pretty fast!  And let me tell you how overwhelming the menu was!  I was having a very difficult time deciding what to eat.  I finally decided on the “Pasta and Broccoli in a White Cream Sauce with a touch of garlic.”  Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?!

The sauce was so creamy, it melted in my mouth.  And the broccoli was so fresh and firm.  The slight hint of garlic topped off each bite.

On Friday night, we got a group of 11 people from UMKC to go to dinner at El Jimador.

It was very busy as well, but they were able to seat us all together!  After browsing the menu, I decided on the chicken taco salad (minus the tomatoes, sour cream, and guacamole, of course).  It was one of the best taco salads I had ever had.  It was chicken on top of a cheese sauce with green peppers, topped with shredded lettuce and mozzarella cheese all encompassed in a large hard taco shell.  Mmmmm!!!

I ate almost the entire thing!  It was gone shortly after this picture was taken.  😉

If you are ever in Osage Beach, I highly recommend both of these restaurants.  I look forward to going to them again next year!

As for the conference, I acquired so many great ideas as well as material!

Above are the materials I received just from Christy Elsner’s seminar!  There are 10 choral pieces there!  I’m so excited to start my library!

Above are four more pieces I received from another seminar…

And below are choral pieces (plus a solo book) that I purchased.  Minus the piece “Awake,” which I received at yet another session run by Timothy Seelig (He is the author of a book I read for my Choral and Vocal Techniques class last semester, titled The Perfect Blend.)!

And below you will see the programs for the wonderful concerts I was able to attend.

I had a great time at the MMEA Conference and it was time well spent!

To polish off the weekend, I had a “Girl’s Night Out” with some great school friends of mine.  I tried a drink I had never had before that I absolutely loved.  It was named “Stinger” at McCoy’s Bar and Grill.

It was composed of Creme de menthe and Brandy.  The flavor was refreshingly minty with a sweet kick.  It was a great way to end the wonderful week.


2 Responses to “MMEA Conference at Tan-Tar-a 2011”

  1. Noelle said

    Looks like you had fun! Sounds like the equivalent of TMEA. Hubs is going to ACDA in CHicago in MArch.

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