Packers won the Superbowl continued…

March 18, 2011

So I did not get to share with you all of the delicious food we had at the Superbowl party!

This is the table of deliciousness…

And a close up of what we had…  😀

We had chips and a cheese dip with Rotelle (made by my lovely sister).  It was so amazing.  I had about 3 helpings of “nachos.”

We also had pita chips with leftover hummus, which you saw in an earlier post.

My mother brought leftover Dove candy she had.

My sister laid out some thin mints (who doesn’t love girl scout cookies?!)…

…and she found green and yellow Sixlets!!

We had a joint effort of making pigs in a blanket (my sister, her husband and I)…

…and we ran out of croissants, so we used layers of her layered rolls to finish up our pigs in a blanket.

The finished product went too quickly…(Did I mention that some of the “little piggies” had cheese in them?  It was always a surprise!)

I made a couple of delicious desserts.  The first are chewy peanut bars:  (They were leftovers – see “Snowed-in!” post for recipe.)

I also made delicious Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cupcakes:  (Don’t worry!  I’ll post the recipe soon!)

These cupcakes were quite the hit!

My sister and I put up decorations, too.

(A special thanks to my sister for providing the TV and home for our party.)

My love came, wearing his new hat that he knitted…doesn’t he look like a Pittsburgh fan who’s about to be beaten up?  😉
After the very enjoyable festivities of the game, we gave a cheers to our winning team!!

Yup, we had a cheers with champagne!!  Above you see those who were rooting for the Packers.  Below includes other friends, plus the one Steelers fan…clearly he knew better that to wear Steelers attire.  😉



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