Pesto Week

May 4, 2011

It is very seldom you can go to a grocery store and find a jar of pesto bigger than an egg.  I like to make pasta with pesto sauce, so I always want more than a tiny jar.  The problem once I buy the large jar?  I have leftover pesto that I pray does not go bad…  SO, a couple weeks ago, I created several meals during the week using my pesto sauce.  🙂

Pesto Hummus

This is simple.  Just make your hummus like normal, only use pesto sauce instead of Tahini!  (*Note:  You may not need to use your normal amount of salt because the Pesto is pretty salty.)

Serve with some pita chips or fresh veggies!

I also made a baked potato and put pesto sauce on it instead of butter and salt.  It was quite delicious!  I also made some spinach pasta and made a cold pesto pasta salad to take with me for lunch.

Tyler and I went for pizza at Waldo’s Pizza one night and since there was such a long wait, they served a small appetizer:  pizza crust with pesto, a tomato slice and mozzarella cheese.  I am not usually a fan of tomatoes, but this was amazing!  I plan to make those as an appetizer some time (if I ever have a dinner party).  I did not realize how many meals you could make with pesto sauce.  🙂  However, I probably won’t be eating pesto sauce for a while.  Hee hee.


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