Hello, 2012

January 2, 2012


I realize that I have been MIA for almost a year!  Things have been crazy and I’ve just been trying to keep up.  🙂  The past year in a nutshell?  I’m not sure I can do that…but I can try!

ACDA Convention in Chicago, IL

The Packers won the Superbowl!!

Tyler’s nephew, Loki McClintock, was born!

I opened my first voice studio…

Tyler and I had our yearly trip to Denver…

(Pesto chicken pizza)

(Cactus burrito)(Rosemary roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables)(Dried fruit)

…and our yearly trip to Wisconsin…

I also took an Orff Level 1 course for teaching.  It was a wonderful two weeks and I met some great friends.

I began Title Boxing, this summer.  It is so much fun!  Here is my Title Boxing attitude…

And lets not forget about the many amazing cookouts by the poolside!!

Once the school semester began, I was pretty tied up finishing my last semester of course work.

Of course, there is always a break for Halloween!  (Tyler and I were salsa dancers at my sister’s yearly Halloween party.)  I baked ghost white chocolate and oreo truffles, as well as bleeding pumpkin muffins with cinnamon glaze.

And I had my Senior Voice Recital.  (Cupcakes made by Hazel Brown.)

Goodbye 2011, and hello to 2012!

Things to look forward to:

Student teaching

Meal Planning Sundays



Job Searching


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