First Day of Fall

September 23, 2012

(Written yesterday – Saturday)

Happy first day of Fall!!  It was a brisk, sunny morning at the Farmer’s Market in Overland Park.  But it was oh, so beautiful.  My mother, my sister, her husband and I all made the short trip to downtown OP.  My good friend, Kendra, also made a trip to Farmer’s Market.  It had been few weeks since I had seen her, so it was great that we could meet up.  I was in search for some of the amazing small Empire apples I had picked up last week.  The same lady was not there, but someone else had the same wonderful Empire apples.

Kendra helped me to notice that the same person was also selling aloe plants.  Before Tyler and I moved into our duplex, we joked about how someone should bring us an aloe plant for a housewarming gift (I tend to hurt myself in the kitchen every once in a while).  Well, we’ve been living together for about 5 months and we still don’t have an aloe plant (and I’ve burned myself once already).  So I picked one up.  In fact, my sister and my mom also bought one!

Thanks Kendra!!  🙂

On the way out of Farmer’s Market, I stopped by the loose leaf tea tent.  I asked if they had any chai, and they didn’t, but when I asked what she recommended, she told me what her favorite was for cold and hot.  She told me I had to smell the coconut cacao (her favorite for hot).  It was so fabulous, I told her I definitely wanted some! (pictured w/ apples and aloe)

After the Farmer’s Market, we stopped into Clock Tower Bakery and Cafe.  I had the most delicious pumpkin muffin, my mom had a sugar muffin, and my sister and Nathan shared a breakfast pizza.  Their pizza looked and smelled AMAZING (…minus the ham)!!  My sister let me try a piece with no ham.  It was too good!  They allowed me to have a pizza (of which I picked off all the ham).  Man, do I love cheese.  Needless to say, I enjoyed the morning.

I am looking forward to getting back to my blog.  I’ve started reading “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (as referred by my friend Amber Shea Crawley) and I hope to beginning eating to live, come October.  I’ve already noticed a decrease in my appetite (which I’m not sure is because of my subconscious or because of the vegetable increase in my eating habits).

Lastly, my latest project is knitting a scarf:

And Dharma thinks she can help me…adorable.  🙂

This week when I meet with my ladies, we will be working on a group project of leg warmers!


Today’s (Sunday) adventure:


Homemade cheese pizza

It was a lot of work…it was AMAZINGLY delicious…and it broke my pizza stone on it’s first use…but I do have a 3-year warranty on it, so hopefully it will be replaced.

Stay tuned…


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