New Beginnings

September 30, 2012

There are several things that are new for me this year…

I graduated college.

I moved into a duplex with my wonderful man, Tyler.

I started my career.

So many wonderful responsibilities…and yet there are days that I find myself unhappy with where I am.  I finally narrowed it down to my health.  I have always tried to stay healthy.  I belong to a great gym and have taken on Title Boxing.  However, in the midst of all the wonderful new beginnings, I lost sight of the importance of my personal health.  I know that heart disease and diabetes are hereditary and I’ve always tried to keep on top of my own health because of it.  But lately, I’ve slipped away from healthy eating and regular exercise.

I started to get back into a routine of exercise with some of my coworkers through a class provided through my employer.  This happens to work very well for me because I can head to the class across the street right after work instead of driving 40 minutes to get home, change, then head to the gym (on top of cooking dinner and showering in the evening).  But this didn’t seem to be enough to help me.  I still found myself fitting uncomfortably in my clothes and not in the position to purchase a new (comfortable) wardrobe.  I knew I needed to start eating better, but what I really needed was a support system.

After contacting my good friend, Amber (, she informed me that we could help each other follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “nutritarian” eating plan.  It was not long after that when I purchased his book and started reading it.

A week and a half later, I’m almost finished with the book and ready to start eating to live.  I have been astounded by what I have learned about what food contains and how many foods can lead to cancer.  I often found myself worrying more about those I love and wishing I could encourage them to read the book as well.  I am hoping that not only will I be uplifted by this wonderful new way of life, but that those whom I love will see the effects and want to start eating to live as well.


One Response to “New Beginnings”

  1. I’m really proud of you for deciding to do this, and I’m excited to have a new partner in healthy eating. I’m still struggling with my own health issues, and now that the wedding is over, I really feel it’s time to refocus my energy, repair my relationship with food (or at least try to), and get back to a vegetable-centric diet. I’ve wandered my way in and out of “eating to live” over the past 3 years, but now I’m really ready to commit 100%.

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