Where did MOTIVATION go?

April 21, 2013

I am going to be honest and say, yet again, I’ve fallen off the wagon of Eat To Live.  When I have a bad day or don’t have time to cook and exercise, I feel like I just fall apart.  I try not to reward myself with foods anymore, but it’s so hard to break those habits.  I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and remember if I really want to help myself, I need to stay fit and healthy.

Being a first year teacher, I find that I am tired A LOT of the time.  Even on weeknights, I tend to go to bed before 10pm.  And because of my 40 minute commute (and my unchangeable knack for needing to be extra early), I do not have times to exercise in the mornings (that is my preferable time for it).  And then after being on my feet all day, by the time I hit the car for my 40 minute drive home, I become relaxed and realize my exhaustion.  I lose my motivation to workout.  I’ve since gone to my networking sites looking for a buddy.  I’ve had a couple responses, so we’ll see if we can get some kind of a schedule worked out.

As far as cooking goes, it’s hard to plan ahead and cook for a week in advance.  What if I don’t feel like eating the meal I planned for Tuesday?  I’ve got somewhat of an indecisive personality at times and don’t like feeling tied down to things which can make my lifestyle change possibly the most difficult thing I’ve had to do yet.  I know I just need to break through my stubbornness and push myself to succeed.

We recently had a staff meeting on personality types.  My personality type is “Perfect Melancholy.”  And oh man, was it spot on…

“They love order, schedules, charts and plan in great detail!  They avoid attention, dislike opposition.  The Perfect Melancholy seeks an ideal mate, is a deep thinker, and a faithful friend!  Often they are insecure socially and tend to live vicariously through others (friends or their children).  Because they like things perfect, they will procrastinate until they can complete a project perfectly.  They are known to control situations and people by their moodiness.” – Pamela Stephens

We also talked in our staff meeting about how it takes 5 positives to correct 1 negative.  I had a day this past week that started out rotten, expecially since I spilled my green smoothie all over the kitchen cabinets, floor, and my clothes.  I had a huge mess to clean up, no breakfast, and had to change out of the outfit that I was looking forward to wearing.  And not only that, but now I was going to be running late (not actually late because I always run way ahead, but I would be running late for my personal schedule).  I tried to not get upset over it and think positively.  You know that sensation of one thing going wrong and then everything else goes wrong?  Well, later that day at school, I started typing up a word document.  I left it up on my computer, but had not saved it.  After teaching two classes, I went back to it and Microsoft word had frozen.  I was not going to be able to save my document (and it didn’t have a recovery, either).  I was waiting for the next thing to go wrong, when a 3rd grader came into my room with a birthday treat.  She had just turned 9.  I smiled big and gave her a birthday hug…


…and then I ate this delicious cupcake.  I felt my day was turning around.  And it’s moments like these that I need to remember that I don’t need food to make me happy.

Enough about all of this negative, “I can’t do this” nonsense.  I do have a few positives to share.

Days till summer


I did cook a delicious spaghetti recipe this week:

SNEAKY SPAGHETTI – by Ashley Green

sneaky spaghetti


1 cup cooked lentils (I used canned lentils to save time, but you can also cook your own lentils)

2 cups spinach

1 jar spaghetti sauce

1 cup of peas

1 package of spaghetti noodles


Blend the lentils, spinach and spaghetti sauce in a blender until smooth.  Heat the sauce in a medium sized sauce pan on medium high heat until heated through.  Combine the sauce with cooked spaghetti and toss in the peas.  Eat and enjoy!

It’s as easy as that and you get some good greens and protein in your dinner!  I am not a big fan of spinach, so it’s a great way for me to get my dark greens in.  Tyler loved this recipe, too!  I don’t often eat peas anymore, as they are a starchy vegetable, but I absolutely loved them!  I highly recommend this recipe.  It’s a great new twist on pasta.

Last weekend, I went to the opening day at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market.  It was a beautiful, yet chilly, day for the market.  Afterwards, I went to Homer’s coffeehouse and got myself a Chai Tea Latte with almond milk.  I was so excited to find out they had almond milk!  A snack near the register caught my eye.


I decided to try it, as it sounded tasty.  And it definitely was.  It’s locally made, too.


I went back to the Farmer’s Market yesterday (still was too chilly for April 20th) and got some fresh lettuce, a peanut butter cookie made with fresh peanut butter, whole wheat flour, and flax, and some spinach fettuccine.  We usually grocery shop on Wednesdays, but we may have to move it to Saturdays so I can get my produce from the market.

Tyler and I are definitely ready for the warm weather, as our new patio furniture was delivered this past week.

patio furniture

Tyler put together the table (MAN, it’s heavy!) and I pretty much unwrapped all the chairs.  We are excited to use it, however, it really needs to be warmer out.

Well, that’s all for now!  Hopefully I’ll have better news next time regarding my exercising and eating habits.



2 Responses to “Where did MOTIVATION go?”

  1. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that it’s ok. I’m obviously a perfectionist too, so I get it. Remember that it’s ok not to work out every day, or even regularly, when you’re so busy – in fact, remember that I’ve killed my own health by working out too much. Health is much more dependent on a healthy diet than on fitness, so if you have to choose between working out after work, or going home and cooking a healthy dinner, I say focus on the dinner and then relax with Tyler afterward – maybe even go for a walk around the neighborhood or something now that it’s getting nice out. Stress is bad for you in so many ways, and believe it or not, stress+exercise is the WORST possible combo (because exercise = physical stress. It can be a good stress, of course, but it can also be a bad one). If taking a rest on the exercise helps you avoid stress, then do it. You have the rest of your life to schedule in exercise. There’s no hurry.

    Oh, and Homer’s has almond milk now?! I wonder if that’s because they took my suggestion! They told me just a few weeks ago that they only had soy, and I said “You should think about stocking almond milk too!” 🙂

    Neat that you tried Rawxies, too. Callie, the girl who makes Rawxies, was the one who designed my OLD website (before I redid it last year).

    Anyway. I don’t know if you read my personal Facebook post recently (with the bunny photo), but I myself am calming WAY DOWN on the diet and exercise, because I’ve driven myself into a very bad place and I’ve got to get out. My body is ruined. Now, you’re not where I am (thankfully), but I don’t ever want you to be! And I can’t “stress” enough (no pun intended) that stressing over diet and exercise – exercise especially – is actually worse for you than not exercising at all, or not eating perfectly healthfully. It’s hard to explain. But I don’t ever want you to end up where I am.

    • Thank you so much for this comment. 🙂 And I bet you they do carry almond milk now because of you! When I first went in there, I asked if I could do soy and he said yeah, “or would you like almond milk?” I was shocked they had almond milk and he said that someone suggested that they should carry almond milk and he said it taste better and it’s better for you, so he decided to carry it. How cool. 🙂

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