Well, I am now finishing up Week 5 on Dr. Fuhrman’s 6-week program and it has not been a pretty sight.  The good news is, I am pretty sure I eat better now than I have in the past.  I have gone almost completely vegetarian (with a slip up here and there) and I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than I used to.  However, I started to slide off of the program toward the end of week 2.  I try to motivate myself by reading success stories on Dr. Fuhrman’s blog and also by going back and reading parts of the book.  The biggest problem I ran into, though, was not planning meals in advance.  I do have a busy schedule being a first year teacher, so my day starts at 5:30am (when I wake up) and I don’t get home from school until around 4:30pm.  At that time, I’m exhausted, especially after a 30-40 minute drive home.  I try to motivate myself to go exercise right away, but when I eat lunch at 11:30am, I’m pretty much ready to eat dinner when I get home since I do not snack.  If I do not have a dinner meal planned, it’s not a pretty sight.  I find myself eating snacks or throwing random things together and calling it a meal when it doesn’t meet my nutritional needs.  If I do have a meal planned, I usually decide to use the time when I get home to start cooking right away.  I am not the quickest cooker, so it usually takes about an hour to prepare a meal.  After eating, I usually have a large amount of dishes to do.  Then I have to make the decision of going to exercise.  If I do go exercise, then I would have to come home, shower, and go to bed so that I can get enough rest before getting up again at 5:30am.  I have been struggling with planning out a good schedule for my life.  There are always things that come up, too.  Holidays, birthdays, get-togethers.  I really enjoy socializing, so I tend to break my schedule for such events.

On top of those issues, I ran into some new road blocks in my life.  Apparently being a teacher is the best job (or worst) if you have a sweet tooth.  It is always a child’s birthday (with cupcakes and all!) and there is always something to celebrate with desserts, snacks, and delicious-tasting foods.  I do not like wasting food and I will take a free meal when I can get one (bills since I moved have been a bit of a struggle for me).  I will have my good days when I can resist the temptations, but if I am tired, low on energy, and really hungry, I will cave.

Eating out has not been as big of a struggle for me.  I generally tend to eat healthfully when I eat out anyway (except our weekly trips to Old Chicago – pizza is my downfall).  In fact, Tyler and I took a brief weekend trip to Boulder, Colorado this past weekend and I was able to find a restaurant that was friendly to my new ways of eating!  It is called Julia’s Kitchen.  The menu was a little foreign to Tyler, so he did not plan to eat anything when we went there.  I loved what I read about it and we ate there on our last morning in Colorado.  The restaurant was not placed well, in my opinion, as it was squeezed between buildings and a little difficult to notice.  However, this quaint little restaurant was just what I needed to remind myself of how delicious healthy foods can be.  I was overwhelmed with their menu selections.  I wanted to try one of everything!  I decided on their sprouted buckwheat and millet crepes with banana freeze filling, topped with a fruit sauce.

To drink I ordered a Chai latte with sprouted almond milk and lightly sweetened with dates.

To snack on while I was waiting for my food, I had a sweet, raw almond and seed treat.  I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but I think it may have been called an “Almond Adoba.”  It was rather tasty!  Actually, EVERYTHING was tasty!  I immediately wished we had a cafe like this in Kansas City!  Tyler even tried a raw carrot cake muffin.   He said it was really good, especially for being raw.  I tried a bite of it.  It was so warm and fluffy!  There didn’t seem to be much business going in and out of this little place, but I would probably visit there every weekend if we had one in Kansas City.

I love where I live and I have noticed we are beginning to get more raw and vegan restaurants in our city, but I wish there was one here like Julia’s Kitchen.  The one cafe that I really enjoy in Kansas City is Mud Pie.  They come the closest to what I really like.  I am so big on breakfast that I would prefer we had more cafes that catered to raw and vegan appetites.

As I have fallen off the “wagon” more than one time in the past 5 weeks, I still intend to continue to try and eat healthfully and hopefully work myself into a good schedule where I get plenty of exercise weekly.  I had intended to keep posting weekly about my adventures with eating to live, but with my busy schedule, I only get to post when I have the time.  I will try to post some of the recipes of meals that I have been successful with.  You can also check out my good friend, Amber Shea Crawley’s blog to hear about how we have been able to work with each other and support one another.

Happy Fall!